Q and A Photography

Q&A Photography

Q:      My wedding is in two weeks. Am I too late to book?
A:       Contact us urgently by email or phone.  Although our diary fills up quickly, we can accommodate last minute bookings.

Q:      Do you work all year round?
A:      Absolutely! Different seasons bring their own colours and magic to your special day and we take full advantage of these opportunities.

Q:      Where will you go to shoot weddings in the UK?
A:       Anywhere within a 100 mile radius of Mill Hill (North London) is included in our standard package prices. Going a little further afield may incur additional travel and accommodation costs which we will be happy to quote you right from the start.

Q:      How much extra is it for you to fly abroad, such as New York or Barcelona?
A:       Not as much as you might think. Since weddings are planned so far in advance, it’s possible to book cheap flights and accommodation early on.

Q:      Do you do Civil Partnerships?
A:       We are happy to cover all weddings of different sizes, faiths, beliefs, religions and backgrounds.

Q:      What if it rains on our Wedding Day?
A:       Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the weather will be perfect but we can guarantee that the rain will not mar the exquisiteness of our pictures.

Q:      Do you have insurance?
A:       Yes. We have full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity, certificates of which are framed and hanging on our wall.

Q:      Do you have a contract?
A:       We have a straightforward contract which ensures there is no misunderstanding between the clients and our photographers/videographers.

Q:      Do you have a back-up plan if something unforeseen happened?
A:       Yes.  We always carry two sets of equipment with us.  We also have experienced backup photographers/videographers on call in case of an emergency.

Q:      What is meant by Traditional, Reportage and Candid photography?
A:       Traditional – classically posed shots of groups and individuals.

Reportage – shots that are set up but appear relaxed.

Candid/ photo Journalistic – you are unaware that the photo is being taken.
We use a mix of all three styles. This allows us to achieve a striking variation in the photographs.  When complied in a wedding album this creates a story of your day, encapsulating all the emotions and memories too. However If you want us to shoot in one style then we would be happy to accommodate this. Remember it is your special day and we wish to ensure that you are completely satisfied. We will always work with you to achieve the results that you want.

Q:      Do we need to feed and water you?
A:      Yes.  We kindly ask that you make arrangements with your caterer to provide us with drinks and a hot meal during our time with you.

Q:      What about reproduction rights etc?
A:       We give you the reproduction rights inclusive of our options and packages.  This enables you to organise reprints if you wish.  Copyright, however, is legally assigned to Imperial Studio Ltd and Dan Rossi, the photographer and image creator. This can be negotiated for an additional fee but is normally not necessary unless publishing the images in magazines such as Hello or OK.  All of our CD’s and DVD’s have high resolution images, copying and reproduction of which is for your personal use only. The copyright does not allow you to charge for copies, or using them for financial exchange, gain or exhibition work. We are happy for you to post any of our images on the web but please remember to obtain our written permission first and always display our name as the photographer or photographic company.

Q:      What do I do if I am dissatisfied with the final product?
A:      Please contact Dan Rossi at Imperial Studion LTD in writing, with in 7 days from reciving the final project.

Q:      When will I get my prints or digital images?
A:       Your photos will be on the website within fourteen days of the wedding and you can order your prints directly through the site. Once we receive this, your finished prints will be ready in 4-6 weeks depending on the package you choose. You and your family will of course be able to buy further reprints after your initial order.

Q:      Can you supply thank you cards?
A:       Yes. You can select an image from your wedding day which is printed onto card to send to all your guests. Envelopes are also supplied.

Q:      What if we want more photos in the future?
A:       We archive all images and keep backup copies in several places for security purposes.  We intend to keep these images indefinitely so that you can come back for reprints many years after your wedding.

Please contact us if you have any questions which are not included above.

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