Q and A Videography

Q:   Why should I have my wedding recorded by a videographer?
A:   Your wedding day will only happen once.  Our highly skilled videographers capture all the feelings, emotions and sounds of your unforgettable day.  A digitally mastered DVD of your wedding will enable you to relive all your special moments with family and friends for years to come.

Q:   Will the cameraman be obtrusive or disruptive during the Ceremony?
A:   We respect personal space and the religious requirements of each ceremony.   The use of our state of the art cameras and microphones ensures that we are not visible during the service.

Q:   Will you be inconspicuous at the Reception?
A:   we shoot using a ‘documentary style’. We remain as inconspicuous as possible and we never ask anyone to stage or re-stage any element of the day. Some Brides and Grooms may ask us to stage an ‘exit scene’ during their Reception which we are happy to do.  We don’t use electrical cords for anything except big screen presentations. Our sophisticated cameras are surprisingly compact and a small on-camera light is generally used but only during the Reception.  For the dancing or evening party, we use atmosphere lighting.   We like you to ask the Reception Manager to keep the lights at this point to ensure perfect quality filming.

Q:   How long will the edited DVD be?
A:   The average length is between 30 to 80 minutes. This may vary depending on the length of the ceremony and the number of optional features selected.

Q:   Can we choose music for our video?
A:   Yes.  Your chosen songs need to be provided in MP3 or MP4 format.  Elegance, our basic videography/cinematography package, incorporates one or two chosen songs which are used for the photographic or opening Reception scenes.  More songs will be used if you choose to include the wedding preparations or the end of the evening sequences in your footage.  Wedding preparation footage and end of the evening footage are additional to the basic Elegance package but are inclusive of all other videography/cinematography packages that we offer.  Slow songs are suggested for these scenes but it is your video so choose the songs that fit your style! If you do leave the musical decisions up to us we will use beautiful instrumental pieces.  Music can be given to us on your wedding day or mailed to us at a later date.  Please note that we are not responsible for the sound failure due to DJ setup for the dancing (it is your responsibility to make sure your DJ or sound engineer knows that you have a videographer recording the dancing).

Q:   When can we expect to receive the finished DVD?
A:   A great deal of work goes into creating your unique and timeless DVD and we estimate approximately 8 weeks to 6 months depending on which videography/cinematography package you choose.  Our clients have not been disappointed and consider their DVD keepsakes well worth the wait.

Q:   Can I make any changes or amending to my wedding DVD?
A:   Sure we understand wedding video is very important that why we give you 7 days to let us know in writing if you wish to change any part of film or music, subject to availability. (normally up to 5 changes allowed free of charge)

Q:   Will you interview our guests at the Reception?
A:   Only if you want us to.  Each wedding is unique and every client will request something different.  We will always accommodate your specific requirements.

Q:   Do we need to meet with you?
A:   Most of our clients prefer to handle everything by phone and mail.   If you would like to meet a few weeks before your wedding day, simply call us and we will be happy to book you in.

Q:   Do we need to provide a time table and the plan of the day?
A:   We need to have your time table 10 days prior to the wedding day as we like to plan ahead and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Q:   Who has the copyright of original tape and footage?
A:   The copyright will be owned by Imperial Studio Ltd.

Q:   Do we need to feed and water you?
A:   Yes.  We kindly ask that you make arrangements with your caterer to provide us with drinks and a hot meal during our time with you.

Q:   What do I do if I am dissatisfied with the final product?
A:   Please contact Dan Rossi at Imperial Studio

Please contact us if you have any questions which are not included above.

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